Submissive Women Aroused By Other People's Pain

People who enjoy BDSM are born liking BDSM over vanilla sex, and new research shows that submissive women have certain personality traits relating to empathy and pain.

Submissive women in BDSM can be subjected to consensual emotional of physical abuse or control, and research shows that they are aroused by pain, according to the Deccan Chronicle. This enjoyment of pain effects the way they see pain in others too. When others experience it, submissive women are not moved to feel sympathy or empathy like "normal people" typically do.

The study was published in the journal, Neuropsychologia, and it suggested that BDSM desensitizes people to pain and suffering.

The study was conducted in China, and the researchers found female submissives were aroused by pain more than dominant women or men. Previous research also said that submissive women had less fear of rejection than vanilla women and were less neurotic people.