Women Over 30 May No Longer Need Pap Smears

All women know what it's like to get a pap smear. How awkward it is to put your feet up in stirrups as a doctor probes your vagina with a cold speculum. It's invasive and uncomfortable, and for women over 30, it's a practice that may be coming to an end.

NBC News wrote that the US Preventive Services Task Force released recommendations this summer that most women may opt out of pap smears. Women over 30 can safely wait five years in between tests, and they can take the HPV test instead.

Women under 30 should still get Pap smears but the organization said that it only has to be done every three years, unless recommended by a doctor.

The new recommendations were made because of evidence that cervical cancer was caused by HPV and that the HPV test was sufficient enough to spot the virus.