Men Enjoy Sex with Emotionally Unstable Women

Women are attracted to bad boys, and men like crazy women. This may change with age, but a new study shows that unagreeable men and mentally unstable women are better in bed, which gives a pretty compelling reason why people date weirdos. This research is one of the first of its kind that shows a linkage between personality and sexual performance, according to the New York Post

German researchers polled about 1,000 participants who were in long-term relationships. They found that women had better sex with less agreeable men who were also conscientious. These lovers tended to care about their needs and showed dominance. Meanwhile, males reported better sex with unstable women. 

This explains why Eddie Fisher chose Liz Taylor over Debbie Reynolds. Why Aaron Carter picked Lindsay Lohan over Hillary Duff. And so on and so on. 

The study was published in the Journal of Sex Research, and was led by Julia Velten.