Making Babies in the Winter Produces Skinnier Children

There are a lot of random wives tales about conceiving. Like if you do certain positions you'll get a boy or girl, or if lie on your back with your legs in the air for a few minutes you're more likely to make a baby instead of ooze out the sperm. But one study has a new baby-making finding, and that study comes from ETH Zurich, a university in Switzerland.

Researchers said that people who conceive in the winter cold are more likely to have skinnier children. In contrast, making babies in the summer heat are more likely to produce fat kids.

The Swiss scientists said that temperature is linked to brown adipose tissue (BAT), and that doing it in the cold is most likely to produce large amounts of BAT, which burn more calories. To make this determination, they studied 8,400 CT scans from adults and compared the scans from those who were conceived in the winter and those who were conceived in the summer.

So if you're looking to breed thin kids, head out to Canada in the winter and say hello to your future Virgo, Libra or Sagittarius! But if you're wanting adorable chubby kids, then go ahead and get it on in the heat wave.