Does Anyone Remember the video: "Get out of my car"?

It has become a thing in American culture to record people with the intent to shame them online. In cases like Barbecue Becky and Pool Patrol Paula, the shaming is absolutely warranted and a tool to find awful people who would otherwise get away with bad behavior. But sometimes the shaming is not deserved, and the unnecessary violation of the subject's privacy becomes more of a reflection of the person behind the camera, not in front of it.

I stumbled across a viral video on Youtube called "Get out of my car!" It was released years ago, but I had never seen it until now.

In the video, an angry middle-aged white Uber driver repeatedly screams at his young female passenger to get out of his car. He had taken her to the hospital, and as he demands she gets out, she calmly stays there for at least three minutes and asks him dumb questions like "Where am I?" further provoking his rage.

As the driver yells, pretty much pleading for her to exit his property, she calmly tells him he has no right to yell at her. Then she asks him to take her to the emergency room or give her directions, as if he's 4-1-1. He tells her that he wants to call 9-1-1 to get her to leave, and she pushes him more, saying "Do it."

He never calls 9-1-1, and without seeing her face, you can hear the victory in her voice. She's loving this. 

The passenger finds this exchange humorous, and even though the man is yelling, she knows she has the power because she's upsetting him but he will never actually harm her.

Eventually, the Uber driver tells the passenger that she has been condescending throughout the trip, and he just wants her to get out. She claims that she needs to go to the ER for an emergency, but she clearly does not seem to be in any rush. As I watched each moment in this video, all I could think was WHY WON'T THIS BITCH GET OUT OF HIS CAR?!?!

The blow-up was insane to watch, but if the passenger was hoping to garner sympathy for what she instigated, then she was clearly wrong. Most people who watched the video could tell that this man was at the end of his rope and he had a squatter who seemed to enjoy his outbursts more than fear them.

When this video came out, the passenger received much-deserved backlash, but unfortunately the driver's account was suspended by Uber. I get that they didn't like how he talked to the woman, but it was apparent even from her one-sided attempt to smear him that there was a buildup before the camera started rolling.

I'm not a fan of yelling or violence in most occasions, but I also think that human beings sometimes have to escalate out of civility in order to protect themselves and their property. If this passenger had just gotten out of the car like he had asked, the driver never would've had to keep screaming.

This video was a gross reminder that there are people who pretend to be the victim, and to achieve this, they harm the reputations of those in their orbit by provoking them to their brinks. This practice is absolutely disgusting and sociopathic.

Because the wannabe victims have no remorse for their actions, it is better for people who encounter them to ignore them or run away. Unfortunately, this Uber driver didn't have that option, but luckily, he had a tape to exonerate him in the court of public opinion.