What Do Americans Fantasize About Sexually?

If you ask people about their career dreams, most people will happily tell you what they are in a heartbeat. But if you ask them to share their sexual fantasies, they'll probably clam up and balk. Even though a career dream is just as personal as a sex dream, most people are not comfortable revealing that side to their friends. Some people aren't even comfortable acknowledging their sex fantasies with themselves or their lovers!

But luckily sexpert Justin Lehmiller exists. He asked 4,000 Americans about their fantasies, and he compiled his research in the new book "Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life."

"People feel that their sexual fantasies are weird or abnormal," Lehmiller told USA Today."One of the big things the book does is that it’ll help people realize they’re not alone in having these fantasies.

Lehmiller said that the number one sex fantasy for Americans is having a threesome. And for those who want threesomes, apparently, the best way to get one is to be rich (more info here). Respondents also revealed that they all are interested in BDSM, which may explain why so many people read this blog....

[People wanting threesomes] stems from what sex researchers refer to as the Coolidge Effect, which is the idea that we tend to grow bored with sexual routines and need to introduce novelty in order to maintain arousal and excitement. Group sex is one of the ways people can easily interject the novelty they crave," Lehmiller told USA Today. 

For people who haven't tried BDSM yet but are interested, check out this post about finding out what role excites you the most.