To No One’s Shock, Men Admit to Loving Doggy Style

Most of us are excited to get action, but for men, they are even happier when they get…wait for it. Wait for it… Doggy style! (Yeah, I know. No one is surprised.) While anecdotally we can all just assume men love to tap that ass from behind, a 2016 study from Dr. Ed has confirmed what we all already knew. 

Dr. Ed surveyed 2,000 people in the United States and throughout Europe to find out what people like in bed. Then the company compared those answers country by country to see if culture shaped preferences. While there were some differences reported, one thing was for certain-- All men loved doggy style and missionary sex. Like vanilla as an ice cream flavor, those two positions will never go out of style.

After doggy style, reverse cowgirl was ranked second as men's fave position, and missionary thrust its way into first in the United States. Fortunately for kitchen tables everywhere, men said that they hated to boink their ladies in the tabletop position, where the guy is standing and the woman is sitting on a table with her legs up.

While it may be difficult to get a man to try that new Ethiopian restaurant down the street or talk about his feelings, the study found that men are adventurous when it came to sex. They reported that they were open to trying out new positions, and surprise, surprise, they really wanted to try anal, which was the second most requested new position.