Everything You Wanted to Know About Dogging

Imagine spending your time on websites where you meet people purely for casual public hookups. You meet in parks, or gas station toilets, or even outside of churches. You get it on or watch strangers getting it on. Then when you’re done, you share your review online with your friends, and you do it again. This is the world of a dogger.

Dogging is a British lifestyle for gays and straights, where strangers meet to watch or have public sex. It’s similar to American “cruising,” but in the U.K., it is a sex phenomenon. Dogger communities exist online, and they share secrets and tips on where to go to get in on the action. According to The Mirror, doggers use websites like Sex with Strangers UK and Swinging Heaven to hunt for future notches on their belts. The two sites have been able to collect a lot of dogger data over the years, and The Mirror used that info to release a list of the top 21 spots where doggers like to meet and fuck. Depending on a person’s disposition, it’s either a bucket list of places to go or a great list of places to avoid.

Some of the places are surprising. There’s a children’s center in south London that attracts doggers. One enthusiastic man even wrote he wants his wife to go there. (Nice to know that doggers sometimes marry other doggers instead of sneaking around.) Doggers also like to show their religious appreciation by meeting up near churches. A Sex with Strangers user wrote that the woods behind St. Edmunds Church gets dogger business all day, all night.

Besides naughty places like near kid’s stations and churches, doggers also like famous British landmarks, car parks, grassy areas, and bridges. Their creativity knows no bounds, but there seems to be common rules to their exhibitionism and voyeurism that their American counterparts can learn something from.

One, privacy is key. Doggers are a free-spirited bunch, but they know they can only get away with dogging as long as non-doggers aren’t around to call the cops. 

Two, cars are great places to publicly bone. They’re public but somewhat private, and most of all they’re more comfortable than lying on the dirt. American teenagers have known this since the car was invented, and Brits apparently know it too. Parking lots are extremely popular for doggers as well as just any place where they can park their cars, i.e. by the lake, by a lookout point, etc.

Three, some spots tend to be more for gay hookups and some for straight hookups. When you get into the dogging world, you need to know which area is popular for which group. Additionally, some dogging areas are more popular with middle-aged couples, young couples, the polyamorous, etc. so it’s better to know your sites or risk being out of place.

Lastly, you can dog day or night. As long as the location is secure, it’s fair game.