Do more people do it on airplanes or in airports?

Whenever Americans have to embark on flying the unfriendly skies, what do they think about? 

Do they imagine getting their asses kicked like Dr. David Dao and then cashing out some massive legal settlement? 

Or maybe they think about that guy who got stung by a scorpion on his United Airlines flight. 

Or maybe they think about the wig-snatching airport brawl at the Spirit Airlines terminal in Florida. 

Or maybe they don’t think about any of the terrible crap that has happened in the news, and instead, they think about where they can find a place to have some raunchy sex before their redeye flight from New York to Chicago...

At least that's one theory according to a report from Jetcost. 

Jetcost said that one in 10 passengers claim to have landed their Boeing onto their lover’s airstrip while at the airport. This is surprising because most of us imagine joining the mile-high club, but in reality, more people do it at the airport. 

Jetcost surveyed 5,000 adult flyers, and based on their answers, the website found that ten percent of travelers have had sex in an airport while only 8 percent have done it on the flight. The logic here is that it is near impossible to bone on the airplane unless you’re flying private (and in that case of course you’re doing whatever the hell you want), but the percentages still seem kinda high. But this bias could be due to the fact that I’m lame and whenever I travel, I just eat a Cinnabon and then sit in my terminal, glued to checking Instagram my phone. How could I have missed all the sex around me?!

It’s either because the Jetcost surveyees are liars OR everyone is just doing a really good job of freaking on the low. According to Jetcost, 42% of people were playing hide the airplane in the restrooms, 28% were screwing in storage cupboards, and amazingly 14% were having sex “under a coat” like they were on ecstasy at Coachella. Weirdly, the private airline lounges came in fourth place on the list—maybe signaling that wealthy frequent fliers have more class than those fun freakers at an airport.

Amongst the thirsty travelers, 87% played captain-stewardess with their friend, but interestingly enough, 5% said that they hooked up with a stranger. Which begs the question. How? Did they meet at the airport bar and then got busy in the women’s restroom? What kind of pick up line did they use? How drunk do people actually get at an airport bar? Or did these strangers hook up sober? 

This could be a study in itself, so hopefully, Jetcost will fly away with this idea...