Couples Who Share Chores Have Better Sex

If anyone were to view relationships through the eyes of an old-school TV comedy, they would think that men are schlubs with hot wives, and those hot wives delightfully nag but do most of the household chores. While this dynamic may have worked for couples in the past, a study said that more progressive pairs report having better sex lives than their traditional counterparts. More specifically--those who share chores have more sex. So start vacuuming, fellas! That’s the secret to gettin’ some.

The Journal of Marriage and Family published a study that said couples that shared chores were having more sex than traditional couples who divvied up their duties by gender. The researchers went a step further and said they were also the only couples who were having more sex than the generations before them. This is important because studies have found that younger generations globally are fucking like pandas instead of rabbits. The cause for Gen Xers and their younger siblings having less sex are still being explored—but a lot of people are blaming Netflix and cell phone use. Apparently, people really do just Netflix and chill, and not Netflix and chill.

Researchers at Cornell University said that in two decades our attitude towards chores and sex have changed.

“By 2006, couples who reported sharing housework fairly equally, with the man doing more than a third and up to 65% of the housework, reported having sex significantly more often than did couples where the woman (or the man) did 65% or more of the housework,” the study's lead author Sharon Sassler told Time.

Gone are the Mad Men days when men could be assholes who just came home and expected food on the table. They’re now expected to cook and clean, and most importantly, the study said, to help with childcare. 

Historian Stephanie Coontz told Time that in the 1950s and 1960s, wives were expected to do chores and put out, and although traditional couples had a lot of sex, Coontz said that the sex wasn’t any good. But that’s all changed thanks to sweeping and changing diapers. 

So good job, helpful men and the ladies who love them. I just want to put it out there, that I too love a man who knows how to do laundry! 

Oohhh - la - la !