Top 10 Places to Have Crazy Summer Sex

It’s summertime. Like Drake said, everyone’s started wearing less and going out more, which means people are getting thirsty and not for water, if you get my drift. So where are those thirsty people going to get their urges quenched? They can freak in the sheets, but people can do that any season. If you want to make the most out of your summer, then try marking these locations off your freaky summer bucket list. 

10. In a tent
You can pitch your tent in a tent, and the best thing is you can bone in any public space with just a sheet in between you and everything else. Kinky.

9. In the forest
And if you don’t have a tent, screwing against a tree or in the middle of the woods can be a sexy experience. Just make sure to wear bug spray and watch out for bears. You know, the kinds with guns that scare Betsy DeVos.

8. On a boat
Doing it on a boat is one step above doing it on a waterbed. You get the sensation of being above water with a little more stability. Plus, you can scream, “I’M A BOAT!” obnoxiously like you’re in a music video.

7. On the beach
Unless you’re mega rich, you’ll probably have to share the sand with people, but you can still bump uglies on the beach. Just cover up your swim-suited lover with a blanket and be silky smooth about it.

6. The backseat of your car
Grinding outdoors in your car isn’t just for doggers and cruisers. It’s a fun past time that will make you think about your younger years when you had to hide from Mom and Dad. The great thing about car sex is that you can control your landscape too. You can slap uglies by the ocean, in the woods, or even in the parking lot of your local Wal-Mart if you’re so inclined.

5. On a rooftop
This one’s mainly for city folks, but anyone who lives in an apartment building with rooftop access should head up there, grab a bottle of wine and a blanket, and have a shag under the stars.

4. On a swing
Why buy an expensive sex swing when you can just literally do it on a swing? But be careful to not get arrested. 

3. In a pool
Since everyone tries to hang by some body of water when it’s sweltering, it’s inevitable that people would want to try underwater sex. A pool’s the best option to get all the feeling of weightlessness without having to worry about seaweed flying up your butt like if you were in the ocean. Also, no sharks.

2. A movie theater
This one’s not outside, but at least it’s out of your house. Slapping skin at a theater feels thrilling if you can be discrete enough about it, and the experience has the added bonus of being highly air conditioned for all the high-temperature wimps out there.

1. An outdoor shower
Outdoor showers aren’t easy to gain access to, but if you can find one, it’s the best choice when it comes to outdoor water sex because you can stand up and not worry about a loss of lubrication, or dealing with chlorine, animals, or salt.