New Study Shows Trump Supporters Find Sex Disgusting

As mentioned previously, one of my thesis is that people who exhibit groundless hate or anger are that way because they are sexually frustrated. And one group of people who seem especially pent-up are Donald Trump supporters, who seem to dislike everyone who live lifestyles different than theirs. 
And it turns out, yes, Trump supporters are squeamish about sex. A new study published in Evolutionary Psychology shows that they exhibit a high level of sexual disgust and that is what affected their voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. 

“Whatever the influence of pathogen disgust on particular social issues might turn out to be, the current results suggest that sexual disgust can influence individual political positions strongly enough to affect two of the most crucial political outcomes in our society: the party we align with and the president we vote for,” the study's researchers said.

The researchers of the new study think that people's sexual feelings influence how they vote. The theory--what you are disgusted by is what you seek to avoid or eradicate. So for Trump voters who find sex gross, they want a leader who will suppress it. Which is why they love how he tramples on the rights of the LGBTQ community or wants to control women's bodies.

Ironically, Trump's own lifestyle has been one of sleeping around, cheating, screwing porn stars, and engaging in alternative sex. But his base is forgiving because he pretends that is a thing of his past and now wants to stop all the pleasures that he clearly has or still enjoys. 

The study's authors, Joseph Billingsley, Debra Lieberman, and Joshua M. Tybur, said that one's sexual comfort can lead them into conservatism or liberalism. According to the researchers, conservatives are usually people who are disgusted by sex. They tend to form monogamous long-term relationships because having several sexual partners or newness in the bedroom scares them. Liberals are more open-minded. Libertarians generally don't care what people do. 

To conduct the study, the researchers used data from 585 participants that included political orientation, sexual disgust sensitivity, and voting record. The study, which was approved by the University of Miami, asked participants to rate how disgusting they found certain concepts related to morals, pathogens, and sex, with the sex questions ranging from everything--from watching porn to giving oral sex.

The researchers found no link between pathogen or moral disgust and voting patterns, but they discovered a strong correlation between someone's comfort with sex and what party they chose to vote for.  For instance, hardcore Republicans who are disgusted by sex liked Trump's inflammatory language towards immigrants because he said they were rapists and scary. 

So what does this mean for Trump supporters and detractors? Is there any way the two groups can communicate with one another if they have such inherent different feelings about sex? 

I would say no in most cases. The reason for this is that there are three types of repressed people -- 1) people who are unhappy but who don't do anything about it 2) people who are unhappy and want to change and 3) people who are unhappy and want to control others. 

There are some people who voted for Trump in 2016, not realizing how authoritarian his regime would turn out to be, but there are other die-hard Trumpers who love that he is rolling back LGBTQ rights, treating immigrants poorly, and fostering a culture for women that is reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale. Those latter Trump supporters, like Puritans, do not want to change their views on sex and instead want others to feel the same as them. 

For those of us who are are not disgusted by sex or asexual, are open to their sexualities, or who just believe in individual freedom, it is best to ignore these angry individuals instead of devoting our energy into changing them. So for all the political fighting you see online, just block it. Don't engage. Because you're not going to change their minds.