Half of Men Who Pay for Sex Aren't Single

As human beings, we’re inclined to seek attention and affection in some way or another. So it makes sense that when people can’t get it that they’d be willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, a lot of the world isn’t cool with the world’s oldest profession, which means a lot of hookers and johns have to conduct their business underground. 

But with all the stigma and the fear of arrest, it's interesting to ask--who’s paying for sex and why? The answer may surprise you. 

A study found that it’s not just single men who frequent sex workers. Their married or coupled-up counterparts look for paid love too. While it would’ve been more interesting to see what kind of women buy booty, the study did give an interesting glimpse into the details of these men’s lives.

The study was based upon a 2014 paper published by Dr. Susann Huschke and Dirk Schubotz. It wanted to expand upon the original’s prostitution questions, so it surveyed 446 men, primarily from Ireland, and it found that the majority of the respondents were university-educated and earned a high five-figure salary. Two-thirds were between the ages of 31 and 50. According to the research article, the men said they had jobs that ranged from being farmers to doctors, bank clerks to accountants. No occupation was too dull or exciting, too conservative or liberal to need a pro to spice up his life.

The men said they found most of their ladies off of the internet, just like everything nowadays. 46.1% said they frequent sex workers several times a year and almost 31% said they see a girl once or twice a month. Less than 3% paid for sex weekly. The johns said that paying a girl was “more honest” and “more safe” than trolling for a one-night stand. Additionally, some of the single guys admitted that they were “shy” with girls, and the non-single guys admitted they were in “loveless” or “sexless” marriages and were desperate for contact. Which makes sense. A hooker is a less complicated option than a mistress, who guys end up spending a shit ton of money on anyway.