Do Men Punish Ugly Women They Meet Off Tinder?

I’ve been online dating for years, back when people used to lie and say they met at a grocery store when they were really shopping for dates like they shop for shoes.

But now that online dating is so popular and as easy as swiping left and right, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happens when people actually take their banter off the internet and meet in real life.

And that train of thought got me thinking about bad internet dates that happen and a study from 2016 with a pretty crazy thesis that I wanted to present to y'all.

Back in 2016, a researcher said at the British Sociological Association that men punished women who lied about their looks on Tinder by having sex with them and then dumping their asses. Supposedly the men feel a “breach of trust” whenever girls post pretty pictures but turn out to be ugg-os in real life. So whenever that happens, they feel “entitled” to a lay, The Mirror reported.

While the idea of weaponizing sex as a cruel way to get revenge sounds interesting, I didn’t completely buy it. The researcher’s “evidence” that men punish unattractive liars on Tinder seemed thin, and they included the following examples:

"What I will say is that it is natural for human beings to take advantage of each other, and Tinder hasn't changed this, but it has made it easier."


"It's Tinder - I would say your chances of getting sex go up if a girl's lied on her profile.”


"I went to meet her in a bar in the Northern Quarter and I could see that she was really fat. If it had been the kind of bar where I could have left without her seeing me, I would have done, but I was stuck there."

While the comments seemed to imply that the men the researcher questioned weren’t into their lying dates and probably had sex with them, the revenge aspect seemed to be missing.

So anyway, based on those comments: 

Were men really out to punish lying women? 

OR are men so horny that after a few drinks, they’re willing to look over being misled? 

OR are men so horny that after a few drinks, they realize they like a woman’s personality too and are attracted to that?

OR does anything really matter besides the universal truth that men are horny?

But to break down those quotes:

The first bloke sounded like he just hated women. No matter who showed up he’d want to take advantage, so what does that have to do with lying?

The second guy kinda fit the theory that men seek revenge towards women who lie on Tinder, but he didn’t say anything about punishment. He just seemed to imply that liars were looser and this could do more with the women’s self-esteem than the men’s vindictiveness.

And the third guy seemed lazy more than anything…Rude too, but not really vengeful. 

Overall, I’ll buy that sex happens on a Tinder date that started with a lie, and I’ll buy that the sex is a hit-it-or-quit-it situation...

BUT the theory that the sex is punishment? I’m going to swipe left.