Agreeable Women Are the Gatekeepers of Sex

I think a lot about what I was taught as a young girl and how conflicting that information was. I was told to study hard and get a good job, but I was also taught to be agreeable and find a good husband. In essence, I was taught what most girls are taught. To be separate personas at work and at home. 

As many women probably know, being pleasant and agreeable in the workplace may fly for baristas or administrative assistants, but that disposition will not get you into the corner office of a Fortune 500 company. BUT in a personal setting, being a cold, calculating and competitive lady will not attract and keep most men (except for submissives... but that's something we'll discuss in the future.

Researchers from Florida said that happiness in the personal lives of straight men and women rested upon a woman's agreeableness or their will to please. Thus, my parents were right about one thing, but shhhhhh don't tell them. 

Florida State University psychologists Andrea L. Meltzer and James K. McNulty asked 278 straight newlywed couples to keep diaries of their sex lives. Afterwards, they gave each person a Big Five personality test, which asks people to rate statements like “I break promises” or “I lose important documents.” From there, the shrinks were able to gauge their personalities, most importantly how “agreeable” they were, meaning how much they wanted to please others.

The researchers found that the couples with highly agreeable women had the most sex. The psychologists noted previous studies that found men initiated sex more than women, so it was essentially up to the ladies to be “the gatekeepers of sex within relationships.” Agreeable women tended to say yes more, and the study said that the people who had more sex reported that they were happier. On the surface, this could be a simple case of orgasms fill people with joy, but having an agreeable woman could also make a man happy because he’s not getting rejected constantly. So it’s not just the power of the pussy. It’s the power of caring about the feelings of the one you’re with.

Inversely, the study found that the man’s personality meant jack shit when it came to how often he came. The only thing that mattered was that he wanted sex, and that his agreeable lady would give it to him. This seems to align with BDSM theories that whether or not a man was Dominant or submissive, it is his female partner who actually controls the amount of sex and thus has the true power of happiness in the relationship.