5 Ways Technology Is Changing Sex

"Oh, heeeeeeey."
Every year, shit in our lives get more and more high tech. Hailing taxis have been replaced by apps like Uber. Companies are replacing customer service reps with robots. And even our sex lives are changing. As we get closer to the age of The Jetsons, technology promises to change what we now call intimacy. After all, why go on awkward dates when you can buy a sex toy? Why buy a regular Rabbit when you can get a dildo that you can control with your iPhone? Why get a lover at all when you can buy a sex robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson?

So what kinds of changes can you expect? About a year ago, website Future of Sex released their predictions on the impact of tech on human sexuality. They said that five scientific advances will innovate our sex lives.

1. Virtual reality
When virtual reality first became affordable for everyday folks, we all knew that it was going to lead to way better porn. But now virtual reality porn is getting more elaborate. You can create avatars so that you can boink whoever you want, and you can attend digital sex parties with other users in real time. Think Minecraft with titties. This new tech allows people to fulfill their fantasies without worrying about being judged or ever having to leave their homes. It’s good to quell people’s loneliness, but it also offers an option to still fuck a stranger online, which who knows, could lead to better results than Eharmony.

2. Immersive Entertainment
On the flip side, sexy virtual reality doesn’t just have to be about wish fulfillment. There can also be an educational element to it too. Future of Sex reported that companies have started using virtual reality to teach sex education. For instance, at Emory University, the school uses VR to teach young women about safe sex, and sex therapists Virtual Sexology uses adult performers to teach women how to strengthen their va-jay-jays with Kegel exercises.

3. Teledildonics
Sex toy makers have upped the ante by creating teledildonics, toys that can be controlled remotely with wifi or Bluetooth. For horny couples, this means that they can get it on with each other, no matter where they are. In an age where we can meet people online easily but can still be kept apart by distance, this is a huge win.

4. Robot lovers
Sex robots will soon be able to suck more than an average Roomba. Scientists have been working on making silicone robots more lifelike and smarter so that one day they can be used as realistic sex toys. Right now, there are only low-level prototypes that still look like dolls, but the community is working on releasing a humanlike robot with AI capabilities in the future. No word if sex robots will soon replace real life connections, but for people desperately wanting to fuck, it’s an easier and possibly safer option than finding a pro or trying to land a one night stand.

5. Augmentation
Medical breakthroughs have allowed us all to live longer, and that same science is letting people have better sex lives. Thanks to 3D bio-printing and tissue engineering, people can now have body parts like their uterus or penises grown in labs; and these transplants are allowing people the chance to have sexual opportunities that the universe had previously denied them. Because after all, when it comes to human beings and sex, if there’s a will, there’s a way.