What to expect from The Daily T.Lo

So… today is the day.

The day that I’ve reemerged from blogging obscurity.

Today’s the day that I’ve brought The Daily T.Lo back from retirement!

For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning (THANK YOU), you know that The Daily T.Lo emerged almost a decade ago as a funny project that Kat McCue and I created as a fake chronicle of my life. We made up storylines and did crappy photo art with Microsoft Paint, and we had a few thousand readers and it was glorious.

But the blog ended when Kat moved back to New York and I got freaked out at the idea that people thought the blog was really about me. Even now I get freaked out when people know too much about me or know what I’m thinking, but I’m trying to tackle that insecurity by keeping my world small and full of understanding, wonderful people like yourselves.

But back to The Daily T.Lo’s first demise…

Shortly after Kat and I quit the fake blog, I started a new blog but I used the same name, The Daily T.Lo, because I thought it was catchy. This blog was kinda random because quite frankly I’m random. I like everything and I like writing about everything and I wanted to be an everything-kinda writer. That iteration of the blog covered topics ranging from political news to writer interviews to entertainment think pieces, and in the process of writing it, I started to think more about what I really wanted to say and what I wanted to be known for.

Long story short, I abandoned the second iteration of The Daily T.Lo, and in that period of time until now, I became a legal reporter, a writer for an adult magazine, a makeup reviewer, a women’s issues writer, and a virtual reality scriptwriter. So yeah, I didn’t really stop being random…

But I did realize that there was one thru-line to my work. An obsession that I love to write and talk about. An obsession that won’t ever go away because it’s so universal yet so confusing yet so powerful.

And that thru-line, folks, is our relationships. I mostly write about romantic ones, but our family and friends also play a huge role in who we are and how we love. And that fascinates me. And I think that will fascinate you too.

I’ve been thinking about bringing back The Daily T.Lo for a while now and hopefully for good, and I think this time I can try to stay on topic if I just declare a topic up front.

So here we go. The Daily T.Lo is going to focus on relationships, and hopefully that’s a broad enough topic that will cover the random everything-ness that I seem to love so much. I hope that with my inquisitive nature, open mind, and odd life experiences; I can provide you all with a fresh take if you’re willing to take a journey with me.

I plan on covering the weird along with the mainstream, and I ask that you adopt my attitude to stay curious and nonjudgement. There aren’t any haters in the T.Lo Club, after all. J
So anyway. Thank you for revisiting my little space on the internet. Share if you like what you read. Don’t be a hater if you don’t.

I plan on writing something new daily, so please come back often. I already miss you!


No scratch that.

XOXO, The Daily T.Lo