Top 9 websites to help you find an entertainment job!

Although finding employment in the entertainment industry can be tough if you don't hear of anything through your network of friends;  there are luckily several job boards that exist with plenty of legitimate opportunities. The following nine websites are the top ones that I personally use or that my friends use to find entertainment work. So in no particular order:
  1. LinkedIn: I like how LinkedIn has many professionals of all industries on its site, and I like how everyone's profile showcases their resume, skills, and network. When LinkedIn began to offer the feature of finding and applying for jobs, that added even more value to the site. I've applied for a ton of writing-related jobs using LinkedIn (mostly copywriting and social media gigs), and one feature that I'm a fan of is that they notify you when a recruiter reads your resume. Bonus that I know several people who have been recruited for new jobs with their LinkedIn profile.   
  2. Facebook: Finding work through your own network is usually the most powerful tool to finding a job. Since Facebook's primary purpose is to connect you with friends, it's naturally a great place to find work because often times it's your friends who are advertising that they are looking for staff. Besides using your own friend list, try to target alumni groups or filmmaking communities. Often those pages list job opportunities. 
  3. Craigslist: Craigslist is the wild west of job hunting. For every unpaid gig or porn listing, there are a few gems hidden in the mix. The important thing when job hunting through Craigslist is to be discerning. Is the listing detailed and written well? Does the person who responds to your query sound professional? Trust your gut when proceeding, but you would be surprised about how many legit opportunities can be found there. 
  4. MediaBistro: I look for copywriting, journalism, and ghost writing opportunities through MediaBistro, and most of the major publications, networks, and online companies post here. A great feature to the site is that it's easy to apply for multiple job listings, and they email you a confirmation with each submission. Plus, Mediabistro is not just a job search site. It has various blog posts about the media industry, and it's an insightful website for writers to check out. 
  5. EntertainmentCareers:This website has a ton of listings for assistant jobs in the entertainment industry. It also has listings for other areas of entertainment, although maybe not as many. For instance, if you're looking for an advertising job, MediaBistro usually has a larger selection; and the same can be said for casting notices. Check out Infolist or Nowcasting instead. 
  6. TrackingB:To gain access to TrackingB's job listings, you have to pay a subscription fee. I found that the fee is worth it. However, they also have pretty kick ass writing contests and if you enter two or more scripts, they give you a year's subscription for free. TrackingB is great because it lists a lot of assistant jobs, and it also provides industry posts about who got hired where and what scripts are being sold and by whom. 
  7. Mandy: I worked for one season as an office production assistant, but ultimately, I knew that production was not where my interests were. However, the people I know who do job searches for production gigs use Mandy when they aren't just being personally referred. Mandy has a mix of unpaid and paid work, and not only can you find professional gigs on there, but often student film projects or other independent endeavors. 
  8. Infolist: Jeffrey Gund started Infolist to share entertainment opportunities for whoever wanted them, and I'm a big fan of his newsletter. On his website and his newsletter, he posts a ton of casting notices as well as party invitations, script requests, or free classes. This list is especially useful to anyone who wants to be on a reality show or do acting in commercials. 
  9. NowCasting:I've never used NowCasting because I'm not an actress, but when I was in film school, this website was a popular recommendation for student filmmakers looking for actors. Since the website only offers access to members, I have no idea who is on here, but it seems worth it to check out if you're an actor.