Approaching women this way will get you slapped

I walked to lunch the other day, and a shorter man in his fifties was walking towards me. He wore a ratty t-shirt and really shiny blue aviator shades, and the moment when we passed would've been like any other whatever moment until he jumped in front of me and said, "Hey, beautiful!" His abrupt hello startled me; and as he smiled creepily at me, I quickly collected myself and stepped to the side before hurrying along my way.

As I decompressed from his approach, I concluded that even if he was age appropriate and dressed as if he had a job, I still would not be interested because of his method of introduction. After all, Neil Strauss shared the secret of how to approach women in his how-to-be-a-player guide, Rules of the Game, and his advice was on point.  The secret to approaching women is to approach from the side so they will feel less threatened. Hopping right in front of me proved that this sunglassed man was not a learned man of Strauss and therefore he was not worth my time.
Not the guy, but close enough in creepiness. Photo courtesy of NowWhatTheHaps