Pro-life nurse sues to work at family planning clinic

Sara Hellwege is pro-life. Fair enough.

But Sarah Hellwege is not like any other pro-lifer. Hellwege is a nurse who refuses to prescribe birth control but still applied for a job at family planning clinic in Tampa, Florida.  After Tampa Family Health Centers interviewd Hellwege and learned she would not prescribe birth control because she believed it caused abortions, the clinic did not offer her a position because she would not do the tasks that the job required her to do.

So of course, she sued them.

According to, Hellwege's attorney, Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. released the following statement, "Willingness to commit an abortion cannot be a litmus test for employment."

Um, it can be if you're applying to work at an abortion clinic, right?

So not only does she want to work for a company whose purpose is against her beliefs, but she feels that she has a right to a job with functions that she morally refuses to do. Huh?

The whole thing is so confusing that you'll get a headache is you try to find the logic in it.