High school student Kwame Wireko's shares 3 works that changed his life

Kwame Wireko is 17-year-old Ghanaian who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and he began writing at a very young age. He has since produced approximately 50 poems, a short story and a blog on tumblr, Words of Eden. He is also working on novel inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Kwame is passionate about reading and writing, and I was curious what three works he felt that every high school student should read. He responded with three English class classics The Great Gatsby Of Mice and Men, and Macbeth, and the reason he choose those books showcased an admirable love for learning. 

"I believe every high school student should read these three works because they are interesting, and the use of language in them is just astonishing," Kwame said. "Fitzgerald, Steinbeck and Shakespeare are phenomenal writers and their creativity and language use are exceptional. I read all three of these works in the past two years and they have significantly changed the way I reason, speak and write. F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Shakespeare and John Steinbeck are my all time favorite writers respectively. I greatly admire Fitzgerald’s use of themes and creativity in his writing, Shakespeare’s use of colloquial English and hidden themes and Steinbeck’s use of characters to reflect his principles. I really wish I met even one of these writers. They inspire my writing  a lot."