Comic Jeff Baldinger's list of 3 Books Everyone Should Read

I'm happy to announce that Los Angeles-based stand up comic, Jeffrey Baldinger, has returned to T.Lo Club to share his list of 3 books everyone should read. 

"3 Books Everyone Should Read" by Jeffrey Baldinger

2Br02B by Kurt Vonnegut
2Br02B is a great story about a dystopian future where death is a choice. And because of population control, if you have a child, someone has to choose to die. If you have twins, you have to get 2 people to agree to die. if you can't find someone willing to die, one of the babies will have to be killed. It's a really great read, and it's the type of story that I love thinking about.

The Overcoat by Nikolai GogolThe Overcoat, it's been a while since I read it, but it definitely left an impact on me, it's a book that deals with obsession, delusions of power, and lack thereof, and remarkable circumstances. And I guess I relate to that stuff.

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov--If you liked Crime and Punishment, you're probably burnt out on Dostoyevsky and never want to see one of his books again. But, if you have to choose a book written by this guy, I would recommend TBK. it's a bit longer, but for me, it hit closer to my sensibilities than C&P. I read both, liked TBK better.

Jeff has performed all around Los Angeles in clubs such as the Hollywood Improv, The Ice House, UCB, and the Laugh Factory; and he currently produces the comedy show, Flyover Comedy, at the Hollywood Improv. He has written a previous post for T.Lo Club about the top 3 books every aspiring comic should read. Check it out here!