Using Youtube to promote your writing, an interview with Tim Diggs

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One component of social media marketing for authors is the creation of a Youtube channel. It is recommended to make videos to connect with fans, but there are challenges to doing this if you are a Do-It-Yourself-er. For instance, the key to creating a following on Youtube is content and consistency, and one without the other will hinder the growth of your audience. However, with time constraints and lack of manpower, content and consistency is easier said than done, and some writers argue that it is better to start somewhere than to not post content at all. (I will post more on this topic in an upcoming Social Media Friday post. Stay tuned to this blog for more details!)

Today, I'm welcoming Tim Diggs, a poet and writer from North Carolina. He has been writing for a long time as a hobby, but recently he has begun to share his passion of writing through blogging, Twitter, and Youtube videos. He was kind enough to stop by The T.Lo Club and talk about his journey into perfecting his craft and getting his writing out there.

TL: I think it's great that you share your writing through Youtube videos. It's very innovative. What inspired you to connect with audiences this way?

TD: Honestly, I wanted to use Youtube as a starting point before I started doing live poetry slams (which I've yet to do.) I promoted it a little and I even got a couple of views! I intend on putting more videos out soon.

TL: That's great to hear you want to do live poetry slams. If you want to get into that, you should check out this article about international slam poet MC FOLEY. Now back to social media. Everyone knows that social media is a big component now for writers to get their work out there to the public. What challenges have you faced with social media marketing? How have you overcome those challenges?

TD: I'm still overcoming the social media hurdle, to be honest! It's hard promoting at times but I've just been sure to use my socials networks to my advantage. Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, etc. I would also suggest that any fellow writers use the same tactic and try to network with other writers, poets, and social media personnel!!

TL: Side note to my readers that Tim and I connected through Twitter, so he definitely practices online networking. So Tim, what are you working on at the moment?

TD: A couple of drafts of some more poetry and the outline of a short story. I'm honestly beginning work on a novel that I'd like to have completed by 2014. I love every genre of writing from sci-fi and fantasy to urban and suspense. I'm definitely looking to expand my range of writing, learning, and growing!

TL: Thank you so much for stopping by! Anything you would like to add?

TD: I want to encourage anybody who writes or does poetry to keep at it. Nobody can tell you your feelings when you right. It's your job to make the reader feel what you feel. Sadness, passion, joy, success. Your greatest tool is your mind so keep it sharp!