Confessions of a book blogger, an interview with Brianna Soloski

Today, book blogger Brianna Soloski of Girl Seeks Place stopped by The T.Lo Club to share tips for writers on how to get read by book bloggers. In addition to reviewing books on her blog, she is also an editorial assistant at DAVID Magazine, a Las Vegas city lifestyle magazine, and a freelance writer and editor.

TL: Besides blogging, what do you like to do for fun?
BS: I love to read and can usually be found with my nose in a book. I also enjoy writing and traveling.

TL: What do you look for when deciding what to review for your blog?
BS: I’m not too picky about what I review, which usually results in being overwhelmed by the stack of books I need to review. I like historical fiction, especially Regency Romance, literary fiction, chick lit, YA, and new adult.

TL: What is your advice for writers who want to be noticed by book bloggers?
BS: Do your research. Don’t blindly email a blogger without spending some time on their site. Get a feel for what they like to read and pitch accordingly.

TL: What are some of the challenges you've encountered as a book blogger and how have you overcome it?
BS: People assuming that just because I’m a book blogger, I’m willing to review whatever lands in my inbox or mailbox. I’m not. I’m involved with tour sites and get quite a few blind pitches each month.

TL: Anything you would like to add?
BS: Be patient. If you send me a book for review, don’t assume it’ll get done tomorrow. I have a massive back log and am really behind. It’s not that reviewing isn’t a priority, it is. It’s just that I have another job and will be returning to school in January. My time is very limited.

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