3 Books Your English Teacher Thinks You Should Read (10/14/13)

Some of the most influential people in my life have been my teachers, and to this day, I'm grateful for the skills they taught me and for the encouragement they gave me to follow my dreams. In honor of the amazing people who educate young minds and motivate students to be the best they can be, I am adding a new section to the blog "3 Books Your Teacher Thinks You Should Read."

For our first post in this series, I got a list of recommendations from English teacher, Jenna Edwards. Jenna has 14 years of teaching experience, and she currently teaches English III AP/GT and English II. Here are the three books she thinks everyone should read. 

"3 Books Everyone Should Read and Why" by Jenna Edwards

"Hawthorne's level of vocabulary is challenging and his sentence structure is complex.  It is a challenge, but imitating his style is a great exercise.  It makes students more aware of their own structure and also makes them pay more attention to close reading and recognizing ambiguities.   It freaks them out that I can ask 15 questions and make an essay prompt out of what they think is a seemingly unimportant passage."
The Great Gatsby
"This is not just a great period piece, but an awesome opportunity for rhetorical analysis.  What is his argument and how does he accomplish it?  So much rich language is used and it is another opportunity for students to imitate style to make them better writers. Give a sentence and make them imitate construction and images."
Fahrenheit 451: A Novel
"The language used is impeccable.  I have them write a rhetorical prĂ©cis over the images used in chapter one, but the entire book is phenomenal.  The issues raised are timely and transcend eras and give the students great talking points for discussion.   They are proud readers by the end."