Social Media 101: Facebook vs Twitter

The biggest motivator and the greatest desire for all human beings is not money or power or anything else materialistic. The greatest motivator and desire is to be appreciated. After all, think of all the favors you have done for people because you cared about them and they showed gratitude when your work was finished. Then think about how miserable and unmotivated you were at a job where your boss never acknowledged your accomplishments or even seemed to know your name. No matter how much money you were making, you probably were one foot out the door.
The biggest motivator and the greatest desire for all human beings is not money or power or anything else materialistic. The greatest motivator and desire is to be appreciated.
Now that you know the fundamental psychological incentive for all people, you can apply that not only to your real world experiences but to Social Media.

The key to success in Social Media is to engage and acknowledge your audience. Don't just bombard them with "Look At Me!" tweets or Facebook announcements. Show that you appreciate their interest, and that you are as interested in them as you want them to be interested in you.

The following is a list of tips for two of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Timelines:
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  1. Facebook Timelines are for personal use, and for this account, it is best to only add people you know and want to gain access to your personal information. (If you choose to add strangers or people you don't like there are some restrictions on their access that you can place, but those Friends still are able to send you direct messages and event invites.) If you stick with only having actual friends as your Facebook friends, you can interact and engage with a select audience who is interested in what you have to say and vice versa.
  2. Facebook is more intimate a social media medium than Twitter, so you should respect other people's decision not to add you as a Friend and vice versa. Only send requests to people you know. 
  3. When Facebook Friends write on your Timeline wall or send you messages, RESPOND! It seems like such a simple concept but you would be amazed at how often these things get ignored. When Facebook Friends reach out to you, you ignore them, and they see you active on Facebook, it hurts their feelings. The best way to avoid this scenario is to not accept Friend Requests from people you do not know. However, if you know someone personally but just don't like them, you should still respond politely or you may suffer the real life social repercussion of that person thinking you are a jerk. 
  4. If you do not want to/have time to respond to wall posts, then it is best to remove your wall.  As of now, I am not aware of a way to stop Friends from sending you direct messages. Direct messages from Friends should be answered in 24 hours or less.  
  5. In my opinion, it is okay to not respond to non-Facebook Friends, especially through direct messages. An option to avoid the situation all together is to set up your account to only receive direct messages from Friends.
Facebook Pages
  1. Facebook Pages are for business use. These accounts work best if you are a public figure or have a business. What's great about Pages is that it is meant to serve as an announcement board for people you may not personally know, and with Facebook Pages, your audience does not expect you to interact personally with them. They will be satisfied to be acknowledged through a Thank You post on your wall. 
  2. If you join Facebook solely for marketing purposes, you can create an account solely as a Page and avoid the Timeline all together. 
  1. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a mass broadcasting tool (unless you set your account to private, which I think is a total waste of time. I will write about this in an upcoming Social Media Friday post.)
  2. Unless you are a celebrity, no one wants to read your "Look at me" posts. Just writing mundane comments about yourself will not attract followers, and may even lose you followers. So what constitutes quality content? Be unique. Be funny. Be informative. Think of it this way. What kind of content would make you want to Follow a stranger?
  3. To attract Followers, you must not only tweet quality content on a consistent basis, but you must also engage with your audience. This means acknowledging people when they Mention or Retweet you. A simple "Thank you" with their handles in the tweet will go a long way. 
  4. If someone follows you, follow back! This acknowledges that you acknowledge them. However, if that person is posting obscene content, suspicious links, or other questionable behavior, then it is okay to unfollow them. That person may be a Bot anyway.
  5. Don't over-promote yourself. Providing quality content will bring people's interest to you organically. Avoid being annoying by tweeting to people "Hey read my book!" "Hey, check out my album!" Start a conversation and let that person discover your work on their own through their connection with you. Being annoying will lose you followers.