Your Job Influences Who You'll Marry

Every time I meet a new person, one of the standard get-to-know-you-questions is, "What do you do?" Not only does this question define what you do with the majority of your time, but it also signifies your social status, your education level, your income, and apparently...your spouse.

Bloomberg Business conducted research that was published in 2016 about who people married, and using data from the US Census Bureau, they discovered what many of us already suspected--people in certain industries marry within that industry. This could be because of who they are in proximity to and who they have the most in common with.

For instance, chefs, male and female, tend to marry other restaurant professionals or maids. Salespeople tend to marry other salespeople. Doctors marry fellow doctors or nurses. Judges marry lawyers. And so on and so on.

What's interesting too is that some jobs such as farmers marry other farmers but also teachers. Male flight attendants, male CEOs, male cops, and male financial analysts also tend to go for teachers. While the data did not state why these men fell for teachers, teachers tend to have nurturing and intellectual personalities that are extremely attractive to people of all ages. Plus, everyone has had a teacher at some point in their life, which means that there is a commonality for any other profession to be able to connect with an educator.

So if you happen to be single and you're surfing for potential partners online, you may have better luck if you narrow down your search to someone in your field of work. While some people claim to hate dating someone with the same job, it may actually lead to marriage in the long run.