People Who Plan Ahead Have Awesome Sex

Buying organizers at The Container Store may be a thrill for me, as well as staying on schedule and budgeting. But being mindful is not necessarily what I'd consider a sexy trait, but a German research group argues that people who plan ahead are way better lovers than those who are easy going.

This year, psychologists from the Ruhr University Bochum published a study in the Journal of Sex Research, and it said that conscientious people were more likely to be sexually satisfied than their less-disciplined counterparts. 

The psychologists surveyed almost 1,000 couples, most of whom were straight, and they asked them about their personality traits and the quality of their sex lives. 

Women who were conscientious said they were the most sexually satisfied, and men who were dutiful were reported as excellent lovers who aimed to please. 

The study suggested that planning romance and intimacy helped couples stay strong and fulfilled, and mindful couples tended to have longer relationships than people who were carefree.

“High conscientiousness can be especially beneficial when it comes to putting effort into a satisfying sexual life,” author Julia Velten tells Quartz, “or to postpone one’s own needs and interests to focus on resolving a sexual problem within the context of committed, long-term relationships.”