One Major Reason To Make Your Bed Every Morning

I am a messy person, naturally. I don't enjoy picking up after myself. If smells or bugs didn't exist, I'd let my dirty dishes just pile up in the sink, and I constantly fantasize about hiring a monthly or even weekly maid.


I am tidy. Every morning I make my bed. I tidy up after myself so that things aren't chaotically strewn about. I dust.

Chaos in one's environment has a negative effect on my mood, so even though I hate to clean, I force myself to be neat.

And apparently, that mindfulness not only adds to my positive mental health but also to my sex life. A study from OnePoll commissioned by Sleepopolis said that people who made their beds daily on average reported more sex than their less mindful counterparts.

A spokesperson from Sleepopolis said that the reason for this is that the mindful bed maker may be getting more sleep because of his or her lifestyle.

“Results highlighted the sleep loss epidemic that Americans are facing – sleep is incredibly important to our mental and physical health, yet the average American is only getting six and a half hours per night,” Sleepopolis’ director of content Logan Block said, according to the Toronto Sun. “There are many easy solutions to getting more sleep, including going to bed at an earlier time and being in a comfortable environment conducive to sleep.”

The research was compiled by polling 2,000 Americans.