If You've Ever Checked Your Phone During Sex, You're Not Alone

The rudest thing I've ever done in bed is pretend to be asleep so my boyfriend would leave me alone. But apparently, there are tons of rude people out there who actually check their phones during sex. That's what a study from SureCall said.

SureCall said that 10% of people have checked their phone during sex, and that millennials are more likely to do it than people aged 35-50.

When I learned about this, my reaction was at first, WTF? Like, is it an obvious, stare at your phone, swipe-through-pictures-on-Instagram-kinda thing? Or is more subtle, where your lover is doing something nasty, and you reach over and glance to see if you got any Facebook notifications?

While these questions will probably not be clarified (and that's probably for the best), I guess I'm not that surprised by the information because people are so addicted to their devices.

I was recently in an aerobics class that was only 50 minutes. A girl who stood in the front was so addicted to her phone that she checked it at least 5 times. She was off on the moves and had to blatantly look at the phone while everyone else was squatting or jazzercising away their turkey arms, but this girl had no shame.

Seeing her phone addiction was off-putting, and it was weird to think that she even bothered showing up to exercise when she clearly wasn't exerting much effort in that area.

Well, at least her thumbs got a workout.

In Surecall's study, they also learned that people took their cell phones into the bathroom and checked it as they pooped or peed, and 75% of respondents said they keep their phones next to them while they slept.