Do A Lot Of Guys Cry After Sex?

Consensual sex fills our bodies with hormones that make us feel something akin to euphoria, but sometimes, that high can lead to a devastating crash. In the BDSM world, they practice Aftercare, which refers to acts that make sure their lovers are okay after sex. The reason for this is because sex can actually make people depressed and sad.

We've probably all heard stories of women who have cried after bad sex, but men are just as likely to feel bad as their female counterparts. Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology said that it is normal for men to cry after sex and these tears can stem from anxiety, depression, irritability or more. 

In our patriarchal society, men are often told to "man up" and suppress their feelings, so their mental health after sex was previously not prioritized in the scientific community, according to one of the researchers.

"My guess is that we have such a cultural view of what sex is for men that the very idea of men having experiences which are aversive are just not even considered," professor Robert Schweitzer, a psychology researcher from QUT, told Buzzfeed News.

The researchers studied Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD), a condition that men and women feel after consensual sex. Those who suffer from PCD feel negatively after intercourse, and these feelings can involve longing, remorse, depression, and shame. The reasons can range from anything from regretting having sex to being mistreated by their partner. 

QUT researchers surveyed 1,200 men and found that 41% of them have experienced PCD at least once in their lifetime. Only 3-4% said they experience PCD on a regular basis. 

This study is important because it is a reminder that men are just as emotional about sex as women, and they need TLC in the form of cuddling, kind words, and other affection just as much as their partners.