Teenagers Would Rather Hang out with their Families Than Party, Have Sex

The age that one loses their virginity depends on their maturity level and opportunity, and although I'd like it if everyone waited until after they graduate from high school at least, it is a personal decision that at the end of the day is none of my damn business.

But as I get older and embrace my maternal instincts, I am happy to know that our youth are waiting to engage in sexual relationships on their own. Teen pregnancies are declining and the majority of teens in high school are choosing to PG socialize instead of drink alcohol and have sex.

A new study published by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said that teenagers are focusing more on their education and future careers instead of partying. In their free time, these motivated kids are studying, spending time online, or hanging out with their families.

Although the research was conducted on teens in the UK, the results mirror statistics in the US, which also has a declining pregnancy rate. Studies have shown that the level of school-provided sex education in the US has declined, but apparently, that doesn't matter. Teens today have the internet to learn about the birds and the bees, and they are shunning stereotypes that they are lazy and sex-crazed. 

BPAS said that many teens today enjoy spending time with their parents, who are mostly from the laid-back Generation X. This close familial bond decreases their desires to go out and romp, and two-thirds of high school respondents said that they never had sex.

The survey also found that teens spent more time interacting with their peers online than in person, and that 70% of teens talked to their friends four or five times a week online. The researchers suggested that young people who socialized in person were more likely to be sexually active, showing that younger humans are just like their parents or grandparents if only they had similar environments.

"The low levels of teenage pregnancy rates may in part be attributed to lower levels of face-to-face interaction between young people and their peers, as opportunities for sexual interaction that could result in a pregnancy are reduced," the report said, according to The Independent. 

Teenagers who hung out with their friends in person were more likely to have multiple sex partners. While this may scare parents, teens who socialize in person tend to be more emotionally mature, hence the sex, and they are better prepared for the independence of college. In contrast, teens, who are close with their parents and spend hours online, may not be as emotionally mature.

“If you look at the big picture, it’s not that they’re doing more good things or more bad things overall,” San Diego State University psychology professor Jean Twenge told Time. “It’s just that they’re less likely to do all kinds of things adults do, and there definitely is a trade-off there.”