Netflix Really Is Killing Your Sex Life

We are in a weird age where people are having less sex. This leads to physical and emotional frustration and a lack of intimacy, and experts have been trying to guess why this generation is loving less than the generations before.

And one new study thinks Netflix is to blame. 

Or more specifically, the internet and streaming.

Researchers at Lancaster University said that between 10pm-11pm is the peak time for intimacy, but people nowadays are using that hour to surf the internet or bingewatch Netflix, Fox News reported.

"Overall, the paper argues that a better understanding of how everyday practices are shifting, in concert with the provision and design of online services, could provide a basis for the policies and initiatives needed to mitigate the most problematic projections of Internet energy use," the study's abstract stated.

The study found that most people are viewing the content on their phones, which allows them to be anywhere viewing, including the bed. Can you imagine how annoying it is to be in bed with your lover and he or she's just watching YouTube, showing no interest in you? No wonder no one is getting busy.