I'm making my own web talk show!

Years ago, I was searching on Amazon for books about Asian-American women, and I stumbled upon a guidebook written by a man that detailed how to rent prostitutes in Thailand. The book detailed the different types of hookers, where to find them, and how much they cost; and I was fascinated and horrified that the book not only existed but was a bestseller on the popular bookselling platform.

That book made me realize that there was an interest in Asian-American female sexuality but that the interest was served by men and their point of view. The stereotype of oversexualized and submissive Asian women has been around for ages, and it isn't going away anytime soon no matter how much people protest. But I felt that instead of complaining about the stereotype, why don't I shift the narrative?

That's why I published The Red Lantern Scandals, an erotica series that explored the lives of four Chinese-American women in Los Angeles. The book was a hit and lauded because it presented Asian-American sexuality in a way that was never seen before, and it inspired me to continue my quest to change the way people think about sex and relationships.

I am extremely sex-positive, and in American society, we are given conflicting views about sex that fill people with confusion or shame. For instance, we are bombarded with sexuality in the media, but slut-shamed by clergy and many people in society. But people who also aren't on board to party (ie. sleep with their bosses or be complicit in sexual harassment) are not promoted and sometimes shunned in the workplace. It all makes no sense.

Because of these confusing messages, people often aren't comfortable with themselves and they don't know how to be honest with what they want out of their relationships. That's one reason I created this blog, and that's one of the main reasons I created the talk show TUESDAYS WITH T.LO.

It's time we got honest about sex. It's time we figure out how to be happy.

Tuesdays with T.Lo will air new episodes on Youtube and Facebook, starting this month. Hope to see you there!