How Can Zentai Suits Be Used for Sexual Pleasure?

Photo courtesy of Youtube
By now, I am sure you've seen the colorful full body suits that cover a person's face. If you're in the US, you've probably seen them at sporting events or Halloween. But did you know that those suits are called Zentai and originated in Japan? And did you know people use these suits to have freaky-deaky sex?

In the Zentai BDSM community, lovers enjoy the feel of the suits because they are tight and silky-feeling and the face covering adds a sense of anonymity. Zentai lovers typically do bondage activities such as tying each other up with ropes, wearing dog collars, strapping each other into devices, etc. For more examples, check out Bound in Zentai. 

Photo courtesy of Bound in Zentai.
Zentai suits are made of lycra, spandex, cotton, wool, metallic fiber or lycra, and they started off in solid colors but are now available in patterns. Suit wearers say that Zentai allows them to become something alien-like, which turns them on.

ABC News in Australia spoke to Zentais in 2016 who said that they loved how the suits gave them the opportunity to escape from their everyday lives. Essentially the suits allowed them to wear a second skin or to be someone else. The people interviewed didn't talk about sex, but they said that they wear Zentai underneath their regular clothes or go out in public anonymously wearing the suit with the full mask. 

"My family is conservative. They like me to be quiet and feminine but in secret I wear all over tights and let loose," a student named Yukinko said. "I'm a different person wearing this. I can be friendly to anyone and I feel as if I can do anything."

In Tokyo as of 2016, there were 3,000 people in the Zentai community, and the number is growing.