Money Can Truly Buy You Anything—Including Threesomes

Money can buy you sex. Not just in the obvious hooker-kinda way, but in the “Hey, baby. Look at my Tesla. Let’s fuck in my mansion”-kinda way that gets gross losers like Donald Trump model ass on a regular basis. But a new study found that not only can money buy you sex, but it can also buy you sex with two partners. After all, if you’re going to be used for your wallet, you may as well make the experience really worth it.

So while we all guessed that more zeros in your bank account can get you a threesome, a new study from a kinky dating app has actually confirmed it. is a website that specializes in connecting people who want to have threesomes and swing. They did a super duper sex study that revealed that rich people are more than likely to have a threesome than their poor counterparts. I mean, if you’re going to take it in the mouth and the backdoor, why not do it on a yacht instead of in the backseat of a 30-year-old Ford Mustang?

According to the company press release, “Recent research conducted by 3somer has concluded that richer individuals are more likely to engage in threesomes than people with lower incomes. These studies measured the usage of the rising threesome dating and lifestyle app ‘3somer’ in relation to the GDP per capita of various major states in the U.S. and Brazil.”

The threesome website said that there are 10 states that have the most app users, and although some of those states didn’t have a whole lot of people, those few people had a whole lot of money.

You know what that means:

Bling! Bling! 💰💰💰

“When we did research about the top 10 states which have the most users in the U.S., we found that some of those top 10 states do not have high populaces,” 3somer’s founder said in a company press release.  “Further research was conducted to discover that the higher the GDP per capita in the state, the higher the percentage of the population who was registered with the app. This creates a correlation between higher wealth and higher rates of threesome lifestyles. To verify the conclusion, the same research was conducted in Brazil and the same result achieved.”

New York led the list, followed by heathens in New Jersey and in California. No real surprises there. But the 3somerapp got interesting when it was revealed that Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and Florida rounded out the top ten list. Those mostly conservative states may be fiscally tight, but when it comes to a ménage à trois, the only tightness those folks care about is in a...

You get the idea. 

So why do the rich like threesomes? The app says it’s a mix of “curiosity” and the fact that rich people just have more sex than everyone else. And really, if you’re just swimming in money, then why have only one lover when your greedy ass can have two?

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