Top 10 Places to Have Crazy Summer Sex

It’s summertime. Like Drake said, everyone’s started wearing less and going out more, which means people are getting thirsty and not for water, if you get my drift. So where are those thirsty people going to get their urges quenched? They can freak in the sheets, but people can do that any season. If you want to make the most out of your summer, then try marking these locations off your freaky summer bucket list. 

10. In a tent
You can pitch your tent in a tent, and the best thing is you can bone in any public space with just a sheet in between you and everything else. Kinky.

9. In the forest
And if you don’t have a tent, screwing against a tree or in the middle of the woods can be a sexy experience. Just make sure to wear bug spray and watch out for bears. You know, the kinds with guns that scare Betsy DeVos.

8. On a boat
Doing it on a boat is one step above doing it on a waterbed. You get the sensation of being above water with a little more stability. Plus, you can scream, “I’M A BOAT!” obnoxiously like you’re in a music video.

7. On the beach
Unless you’re mega rich, you’ll probably have to share the sand with people, but you can still bump uglies on the beach. Just cover up your swim-suited lover with a blanket and be silky smooth about it.

6. The backseat of your car
Grinding outdoors in your car isn’t just for doggers and cruisers. It’s a fun past time that will make you think about your younger years when you had to hide from Mom and Dad. The great thing about car sex is that you can control your landscape too. You can slap uglies by the ocean, in the woods, or even in the parking lot of your local Wal-Mart if you’re so inclined.

5. On a rooftop
This one’s mainly for city folks, but anyone who lives in an apartment building with rooftop access should head up there, grab a bottle of wine and a blanket, and have a shag under the stars.

4. On a swing
Why buy an expensive sex swing when you can just literally do it on a swing? But be careful to not get arrested. 

3. In a pool
Since everyone tries to hang by some body of water when it’s sweltering, it’s inevitable that people would want to try underwater sex. A pool’s the best option to get all the feeling of weightlessness without having to worry about seaweed flying up your butt like if you were in the ocean. Also, no sharks.

2. A movie theater
This one’s not outside, but at least it’s out of your house. Slapping skin at a theater feels thrilling if you can be discrete enough about it, and the experience has the added bonus of being highly air conditioned for all the high-temperature wimps out there.

1. An outdoor shower
Outdoor showers aren’t easy to gain access to, but if you can find one, it’s the best choice when it comes to outdoor water sex because you can stand up and not worry about a loss of lubrication, or dealing with chlorine, animals, or salt.

Stealthing is rising in popularity

Years ago, I dated this guy, who I truly believe is a sociopath, and during our first time together, he removed his condom during the middle of sex and didn't tell me until after.

I was completely shocked. We hadn't had the talk about monogamy or our health histories, and while thankfully, nothing bad happened to me, I still felt weird about the experience and we eventually broke up. Some time after, I learned about stealthing, the secret act of taking off your condom during sex without your partner's consent, and I realized that not only did that happen to me but that it happens to a lot of women.

The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law released a report about stealthing. In the report, they said stealthing is not a new thing but is rising in popularity. One of the researchers, Alexandra Brodsky, said that she even found a men’s group online who encourage each other to stealth. Why these dudes just don’t ask their lover about going condomless is beyond me.

Secretly taking off a condom when your partner thinks you’re wearing one is not only a violation of trust but it can also lead to emotional and physical problems, Brodsky said. The emotional wreckage deals with the fear, guilt, and anger that can happen once the partner finds out that they were tricked during sex. The fear comes from wondering why their partner deceived them as well as worry about STDs and pregnancy. The guilt and anger stems from feeling taken advantage of.

The physical problems, of course, are STDs or possibly having a baby. We all know sex without a condom feels amazing, but when a man could so easily ask but doesn’t, is it because he’s hiding HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc. etc? Or is he just an asshole?

Either way, a stealther is a total creep.

But could a stealther face jail time? So far there aren’t any laws in any states about the specific act of stealthing, but if a man knowingly passes on a STD without informing his lover beforehand, he can face jail time. For instance, in New York, if a dude fucks someone and gives them a venereal disease, he can be charged with Reckless Endangerment.

So for all the wannabe James Bonds of sex, don’t stealth. Ask and get permission before tearing off your jimmy hat, or just leave the love glove on. There’s far more interesting and crazier sex moves you can do—without resorting to tricking your lover.

New Study Shows Trump Supporters Find Sex Disgusting

As mentioned previously, one of my thesis is that people who exhibit groundless hate or anger are that way because they are sexually frustrated. And one group of people who seem especially pent-up are Donald Trump supporters, who seem to dislike everyone who live lifestyles different than theirs. 
And it turns out, yes, Trump supporters are squeamish about sex. A new study published in Evolutionary Psychology shows that they exhibit a high level of sexual disgust and that is what affected their voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. 

“Whatever the influence of pathogen disgust on particular social issues might turn out to be, the current results suggest that sexual disgust can influence individual political positions strongly enough to affect two of the most crucial political outcomes in our society: the party we align with and the president we vote for,” the study's researchers said.

The researchers of the new study think that people's sexual feelings influence how they vote. The theory--what you are disgusted by is what you seek to avoid or eradicate. So for Trump voters who find sex gross, they want a leader who will suppress it. Which is why they love how he tramples on the rights of the LGBTQ community or wants to control women's bodies.

Ironically, Trump's own lifestyle has been one of sleeping around, cheating, screwing porn stars, and engaging in alternative sex. But his base is forgiving because he pretends that is a thing of his past and now wants to stop all the pleasures that he clearly has or still enjoys. 

The study's authors, Joseph Billingsley, Debra Lieberman, and Joshua M. Tybur, said that one's sexual comfort can lead them into conservatism or liberalism. According to the researchers, conservatives are usually people who are disgusted by sex. They tend to form monogamous long-term relationships because having several sexual partners or newness in the bedroom scares them. Liberals are more open-minded. Libertarians generally don't care what people do. 

To conduct the study, the researchers used data from 585 participants that included political orientation, sexual disgust sensitivity, and voting record. The study, which was approved by the University of Miami, asked participants to rate how disgusting they found certain concepts related to morals, pathogens, and sex, with the sex questions ranging from everything--from watching porn to giving oral sex.

The researchers found no link between pathogen or moral disgust and voting patterns, but they discovered a strong correlation between someone's comfort with sex and what party they chose to vote for.  For instance, hardcore Republicans who are disgusted by sex liked Trump's inflammatory language towards immigrants because he said they were rapists and scary. 

So what does this mean for Trump supporters and detractors? Is there any way the two groups can communicate with one another if they have such inherent different feelings about sex? 

I would say no in most cases. The reason for this is that there are three types of repressed people -- 1) people who are unhappy but who don't do anything about it 2) people who are unhappy and want to change and 3) people who are unhappy and want to control others. 

There are some people who voted for Trump in 2016, not realizing how authoritarian his regime would turn out to be, but there are other die-hard Trumpers who love that he is rolling back LGBTQ rights, treating immigrants poorly, and fostering a culture for women that is reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale. Those latter Trump supporters, like Puritans, do not want to change their views on sex and instead want others to feel the same as them. 

For those of us who are are not disgusted by sex or asexual, are open to their sexualities, or who just believe in individual freedom, it is best to ignore these angry individuals instead of devoting our energy into changing them. So for all the political fighting you see online, just block it. Don't engage. Because you're not going to change their minds. 

Pros and Cons of Dating Older Men

Sexy ass Michael Kelly. Photo courtesy of Netflix.
It's become a running joke amongst my friends that I am destined to be some old rich guy's second wife. I used to find this offensive, but now I think it's kinda funny. I've realized that my attraction to older men must be pretty obvious so why try to fight against my own nature? And it probably didn't help that I wrote a book called The Sugar Baby Club, so I may as well lean into all the gossip.

But to defend my love for gray-haired or bald men, studies have shown the women emotionally mature faster than men, Plus, once a person hits 30, they are most likely settled on their career, values, and personality, so what's the difference between dating another 30 year old, or a 40 year old, or a 48 year old?

I've used this argument on my judgy friends, who still think that being with someone five, ten, or twenty years older is gross. And we all live in Los Angeles, mind you, the land where May-December romances run free. But our passionate debates against age differences has prompted me to share my own observations about dating older men, so the following are some of the most basic pros and cons. 

PRO: Age brings wisdom.
He has life experience that he can share with you. If you ever have questions on buying a house, planning for retirement, or dealing with some nasty coworker, your older man has been there and done that and can guide you in the right direction.

CON: He has more baggage than guys your own age.
With those extra years, he probably also has had crazy lovers, a wife, some kids, and heartbreak along the way. That baggage brings more seriousness to your life that you may not have to encounter yet with younger guys.

PRO: With experience, he’s more skilled in the bedroom.
 ‘Nuff said.

CON: But he’s not going to have your energy level.
An older lover is going to have an older body. Whether he’s rocking a six pack or a dadbod, he won’t have the energy level or the looks of a man your own age.

PRO: He’s ballin’ and can give you a better life.
An older man has had time to get his life together. He probably owns his own place, his own car, and is in a leadership role in his career. With that established life comes money, which means he has the means to take you on vacations, woo you with nice dinners, and give you lots of presents. Enjoying the elevated lifestyle an older man can give you may sound materialistic, but then again, he’s dating you for your youth and beauty, so why not just accept the perks? As a divorced 47-year-old man once told me, “There’s nothing noble in marrying poor.”

CON: He might not be able to connect with your friends and vice versa.
If you ever want to do trendy things with your peers, those activities are more than likely not going to be as luxurious as what he’s used to, and he may bristle having to go “slumming.” Or he may not physically be able to stay up all night and party if that’s what you’re into. No matter how often he says he has a young mind, he isn’t actually your peer, and you aren’t his. On the flip side, do you really want to go to parties where everyone is the age of your parents?

PRO: He knows what he wants.
At his older age, he knows what he wants, and he’s set in his ways. When he goes to the restaurant, he immediately knows what to order. He isn’t going to change his career. He’s dated enough that he is specific about what he is looking for in his mate. In contrast with the wishy-washiness of guys your age, it’s refreshing to meet someone so direct who doesn’t like to waste his time or yours.

CON: He could end up acting like, gulp, your dad!
There’s a saying, “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Because he’s more established in life than you, there’s going to be a disproportionate power dynamic that most likely swings in his favor.
While you may find an older guy who’ll let you dominate him, if he’s giving you life advice and paying for everything, he is probably in charge of the relationship, and his role is somewhat paternal. So while you may get those vacations, dinners, and presents, they are on his terms.

So what do you think? Have you dated an older guy, and why or why not?

Study Finds Women Love Bald Dudes

My celeb crush Michael Kelly. (Photo courtesy of Netflix.)
I've dated my fair share of bald men, and some have been comfortable with their shiny domes while others have been insecure messes hiding their beauty under dumb-looking hats.

For men, having a full head of hair is as important as having a good job and a hot piece of ass; but unfortunately, genetics dictates who gets Fabio-like tresses and who has to shave their head in order to not fool anybody. But for those men who are follically-challenged, a new study says that people actually perceive baldness as a sign of dominance and manliness. Maybe that’s why Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Jason Statham continue getting their faces on action posters while pretty boys like Ryan Gosling and Hugh Grant are stuck as the kings of sensitive romantic movies aimed at ladies.

Data Scientist Albert E. Mannes of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania ran three studies about bald dudes to find out whether or not being hairless was cool or uncool. Being a baldie himself, he wanted to know the truth about hair, and most importantly whether or not women wanted to fuck bald dudes. Turns out—the answer is hell yes!

First, Mannes surveyed 59 female students and showed them pictures of 25 male students. Each guy was photographed in front of the same background while wearing the same outfit. Ten dudes were bald and 15 had various hairstyles. The women overall rated the bald dudes as being more dominant and manly, which is a relief considering that 85% of men will have thinning hair by the age of 50.

For the second experiment, Mannes showed 344 people eight photographs of men and asked them to rate them on personality traits. The photos were of four men, in one picture he had hair and in the other he was Photoshopped to be a Q-Ball. Like the first study, the people said the bald guy was more dominant, masculine, and confident than their hairy headed counterparts. They even said he was more of a leader, proving that only male lion’s need a mess of hair to rule his kingdom. Even more interesting, the respondents thought the bald guys were an inch taller and physically stronger than the jabronis with lush locks.

In the final study, 522 participants were told about a man and then asked to type up his description. The concept of this one was pretty convoluted but the main takeaway was that Mannes discovered there was a hierarchy in the world of baldness. Men who were completely shaven like Pitbull or Bruce Willis were gods, but men with patchy hair or bald spots were seen as sissy peons. The experiment takers thought that those half-ass bald dudes were weak, less confident, and less masculine than their shaven and hairy comrades.

So what can bald men take from all this? Well, for one, women find baldness sexy. If you’re a dominant man, reach for that razor to show the ladies who’s boss, and for submissive guys, let that patchiness run wild so that you can find the Domme of your dreams. But most of all, never get hair plugs or toupees because those things look fucking awful, and trying to hide your thinning hair is worse than just going all out.

After all, business guru Seth Godin said it best.

"I'm not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you've done something active," Godin told The Wall Street Journal. "These are people who decide to own what they have, as opposed to trying to pretend to be something else."