Why Do Men Love Sending Dick Pics? A Scientific Theory

It’s a time honored tradition for men to send dick pics (Just to be clear, I said time honored not good). Whether their schlongs are long, fat, short, or veiny, men seem to be obsessed with snapping and sending photos of their junk. But why is that? Sure, sending dick pics makes sense if it’s a part of sexting with your partner… But why do thirsty dudes on Tinder shoot off their hairy package to any girl who bothers to respond, “Hello?” 

Well, apparently, a scientist from Harvard has studied this dick pic/stranger phenomenon, and he has a few theories on why men love to document da dong. And it’s not as simple as men just being super horny. (Even though, yeah, that’s a valid theory too.)

Harvard scholar Justin Lehmiller has devoted his life studying sex (like I do!), and he literally wrote the book on human sexuality. In a 2017 blog post called Why So Many Guys Send Unsolicited Photos of Their Manhood to Women,” he broke down why men are so addicted to dick pics.

Theory one: Men overestimate how much women want them

Straight men are always horny. That’s a fact. But that lust clouds their judgement, and they think that any signs of opposite sex friendliness equate women wanting da dick. She smiles? Dick. She responds during a pleasant conversation about the weather? Dick. She laughs at your joke. Dick. Norwegian researchers proved long ago that men have a “sexual misperception” of the level of female attraction, and Lehmiller said that leads to men sending strangers unwanted dick pics.

Theory two: Biology makes men want to shoot their wads in everybody

When you’re single, getting laid is a numbers game, and evolutionary psychologists said that men suffer from sexual misperception because they have an evolutionary need to spread their seed. That means that guys who send their dick pics to any lady who shows mild interest is doing it because he’s hedging his bets. He has to let those females know he’s got a dick and is ready to use it, and deep down, he thinks that maybe, like, one in twenty may be okay with it.

Theory three: Men love exhibitionism

Besides all the evolutionary talk, the simplest reason for men sending unwanted dick pics out into the cyber universe is that they are exhibitionists. They just love to shock people, and what is more shocking to a woman who doesn’t know you than to see your purplish penis?

“Although most people think of exhibitionism in terms of guys who flash strangers on the subway or in a park, a similar kind of behavior can also occur online or over the phone,” Lehmiller said.

Lehmiller added that exhibitionist guys tend to have problems forming real-life intimate relationships so they substitute that with cyber cock, which they mistakenly think will bring them closer to their possible new partner.