Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 Gmail add-ons that will make your life easier

Gmail has over 425 million users, and it is known for its ease and simplicity. Since so many people are already using the service, here are three Gmail add-ons to make your email experience even more streamlined.

Boomerang -- With Boomerang, you can schedule your gmails and get reminders to follow up with someone. It's also a great tool to remind yourself to send birthday emails, pay bills, and communicate with people in different time zones.

Doodle -- Scheduling meetings with a large group of people often results in annoyingly long back and forth email chains. With Doodle, you send one link and everyone posts their availability within pre-selected time slots. Then Doodle calculates what works best for the most people. Bonus that it syncs the meeting to your Google Calendar.

Rapporative -- Rapportive puts your contacts' LinkedIn profile inside Gmail so you can connect with people without leaving Gmail.