Saturday, April 6, 2013

True T.Lo Stories: The McDonalds Hamburger Experiment

**The following T.Lo True Story is told the way I remember it. It is in no way an accurate scientific experiment and all results are presented for entertainment purposes only. If you like what you read, new blog posts are put up every Saturday. Tell your friends!

When I was in college, one of my best friends had a roommate who was awful. This roommate thought my friend would steal his stuff so he kept all of his belongings in a locked suitcase. He locked that suitcase all semester.
 This roommate also logged onto my friend's computer and looked up booty pictures, which left viruses on my friend's computer.
 My friend told me all of this after we had watched Supersize Me together. The movie's message stuck with us, while also making us crave some McNuggets and crispy fries.

After my friend and I finished off a shit ton of McNuggets, we decided to go back to McDonalds and see if a McDonald's hamburger really didn't decompose like the movie claimed.
We stuck the burger underneath the roommate's bed, and then we left it there all semester.
When we took it out, it smelled like a fresh burger and the burger had no mold.
The burger also didn't attract any bugs.
Knowing all this, the experiment didn't stop us from eating more McDonald's later and lovin' it!!!
all gifs courtesy of tumblr
The end.

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  1. One of the things attributed to why we live longer these days by medical researcher's is a common preservative. The name of which I cant remember. Perhaps it would pay to research Macca's mummification process and google the pro's and cons.

  2. ( It' s actually quarter to midnight , 2nd of July here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia )