New Study Says Female Online Daters Peak at 18. Is This for Real?

When it comes to dating, men and women have different problems. Men worry that women only want them for their dough, and women worry that men don't want them after a certain age. Well, it turns out that the latter is actually true.

A new study published in the journal, Science Advances, found that the desirability of female online daters peaked at 18! Meanwhile, men's desirability peaked at 50.


The researchers studied the online dating messages of almost 200,000 heterosexual people, and their findings echoed one from Okcupid that was published in 2010. Okcupid stated that men who were 22-30 preferred to date women younger than them, so you betcha that included teenagers...

“The age gradient for women definitely surprised us — both in terms of the fact that it steadily declined from the time women were 18 to the time they were 65, and also how steep it was,” Elizabeth Bruch, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan and an author of the study, said, according to the New York Times. 

Okcupid's study found that as men get older, their age preferences for women stayed the same, widening the gap. Unfortunately, that means for older women, it's true that their dating pool lessens as their male peers seek youth, which evolutionary biologists believe suggests fertility. 

So all those movies that joke about first wives getting annoyed that their ex-husbands have a woman half his age are actually steeped in reality....I guess you only have to look at Donald Trump, Kelsey Grammar, Larry King, or any man who's married multiple times to see this actually happens IRL. 

According to the new study, men care about physical attractiveness first. Unlike women, they don't have a strong interest in a mate's earning potential or power. Basically, women want intelligence and success. Men want youth and beauty. 

Now the study focused on desire, not actually what people could get or the chemistry that can develop between two daters. So older women and poor men still have a chance of love, that is until their settling partner's aspirations luck out.

Why do people cheat?

Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. Not only does it feel gross to know your partner was having sex with someone else, but the deception of it may actually be more hurtful than the sex itself.

But why do people cheat? It seems more respectful to either break up with someone or be up front that you want to see other people, but cheaters choose to lie instead. Some believe it's because they are bored in their relationships. Others think it's because of a sex addiction or not being pleasured enough at home. But a new study says that it has more to do with a person's desire to seek thrills or their past sexual experiences than any other factors.

Researchers at the University of Queensland said that impulsive people or people with a high number of sexual partners were the most likely to cheat. Their study was published in the British Journal of Psychology, and they focused their research on what were the main factors that indicated if a person was likely to stray. 

The researchers said that people who tended to act on impulse rather than logic were more likely to cheat because they did not have the willpower to stop themselves if tempted.

The researchers said that people with a large number of sexual partners were likely to cheat because they had the skill to suss out who was attracted to them and how to turn that attraction into sex. 

To conduct the study, researchers surveyed 123 young heterosexual people who were in relationships and asked them about their fidelity. Men revealed that they were likely to have sex when cheating, but men and women who cheated were equally likely to commit adultery by kissing.

New Study Suggests We're Attracted to People Like Our Parents

I'm sure we've all heard at least one person say, "I married him because he's like my father." And I'm sure at that point of our lives, we laughed at that statement or pretended to fake vomit into an imaginary trashcan after the person was done talking.

But it turns out, we really do fall in love with people similar to our early caregivers. For people with nurturing parents, this means that they'll continue their cycle of security. And unfortunately, for people with bad parents, that means they'll like jerks and end up in the kind of toxic relationships that severely harm our mental health.

A new study published in the Evolution and Human Behavior stated that our parents influence who we find attractive when we are grown.

In the study, almost 800 straight women were told to look at different male body types and then asked to describe which bodies resembled their most recent partner, their ideal partner, and the shape of their father when they were children. 

The study found an association between the women's partner preferences and the look of their dad. The preference for their dad's bod increased based on how positive an influence he was in the women's lives. 

Vice said that the recent study added more information to the theory that heterosexual people's parents or early caregivers influence who they find attractive. 

"Humans, like many animals, go through a sexual “imprinting” process at a young age. During a critical period in development, we learn to associate the traits of our caregivers with those of a desirable mate. The classic demonstration of this idea, if you’ve ever taken an introductory psychology course, comes from the research of Konrad Lorenz, who demonstrated imprinting processes among baby geese," Vice stated.

Studies have shown that our parents influence our sexual preferences when it comes to body types, personality, age differences, and more. There's a reason the term "Daddy issues" and "Mommy issues" get thrown around so much when it comes to dating, and apparently it's a thing for, well, nearly everybody. 

Tuesdays with T.Lo: Can You Ghost Someone After Having Sex?

The Daily T.Lo Presents: Tuesdays with T.Lo (Season 1, Episode 3) Ghosting is the practice of abruptly ending communication with someone without giving an explanation or a goodbye. It has the potential to leave people who are ghosted with feelings of abandonment and can actual cause physical pain. Despite the bad effects of ghosting, sex expert Teresa Lo argues that it is okay to ghost in certain circumstances, even after a one night stand.

Making Babies in the Winter Produces Skinnier Children

There are a lot of random wives tales about conceiving. Like if you do certain positions you'll get a boy or girl, or if lie on your back with your legs in the air for a few minutes you're more likely to make a baby instead of ooze out the sperm. But one study has a new baby-making finding, and that study comes from ETH Zurich, a university in Switzerland.

Researchers said that people who conceive in the winter cold are more likely to have skinnier children. In contrast, making babies in the summer heat are more likely to produce fat kids.

The Swiss scientists said that temperature is linked to brown adipose tissue (BAT), and that doing it in the cold is most likely to produce large amounts of BAT, which burn more calories. To make this determination, they studied 8,400 CT scans from adults and compared the scans from those who were conceived in the winter and those who were conceived in the summer.

So if you're looking to breed thin kids, head out to Canada in the winter and say hello to your future Virgo, Libra or Sagittarius! But if you're wanting adorable chubby kids, then go ahead and get it on in the heat wave. 

5 Reasons Men Become Sugar Daddies

As a creative, I've had to take on numerous low-paying jobs at once to make ends meet, and I've many a times borrowed money from family members to stay afloat. So the idea of having a magical rich boyfriend who'd solve all my financial problems is definitely something that appeals to me, but I have to wonder... why do wealthy men such as CEOS, lawyers, and doctors choose to become sugar daddies, benefactors to usually younger partners? What's in it for them? 

For over a year, I researched the sugar lifestyle for my recent book, The Sugar Baby Club, which is about two college freshmen who become sugar babies in order to fund a trip to Paris. As they get more engrossed in the lifestyle, they begin to teach other girls in their dorm how to snag rich men.

To learn more about the subject, I interviewed various sugar daddies and female sugar babies, and I learned that sugar dating is similar to regular dating but with two major exceptions. One, the relationship is usually no strings attached and this is discussed up front, and two, there is lots and lots of spoiling with gifts. 

So while it’s easy to figure out why sugar babies sign up to receive, why are there men out there so eager to give? The following are some of the most popular reasons told to me by straight sugar daddies:

1. They aren’t getting sex from their wives.
There are some single sugar daddies who like spoiling women and having the ease of a non-serious relationship. But the majority of men seeking a sugar baby tend to be married or in relationships. 

For married guys in sexless partnerships, having a sugar baby is less messy than having an affair, where mistresses might beg for divorces or threaten to tell their lover’s wives. For married men, finding a companion who wants a monthly allowance but understands the relationship’s limitations is a better choice than dealing with a costly divorce.

2. They don’t believe in monogamy.
Unlike the sexless men mentioned above, some married or coupled up men actually love their partners but still can’t help the urge to stray. Blame it on biology or a sense of entitlement, but either way, these dudes are looking and want to be discrete.

Getting a sugar baby is easier than having a girlfriend because the sugar baby has managed expectations in exchange for their funding. A lawyer with a side-piece girlfriend would end up spending a lot of money on her anyway, but he risks her blabbing to his wife or serious partner. 

3. They’re looking to spice up their sex lives.
Sugar dating websites aren’t just for singles. There are couples signed up as sugar daddy and sugar mama duos, and they’re looking to add a third to spice up their relationship. To those couples wanting to get their freak on, it’s more time efficient (and reputation-saving) to snag a sugar baby than to approach girls in their regular lives.

4. They don’t want the expectations of a relationship.
For committed men looking for some side fun, becoming a sugar daddy makes sense. But why would a single, wealthy man want to pay a young lady to hang out with him? Isn’t it just easier to meet a lady off of Bumble? Well, for one, throwing money around to get a date to not act clingy or demand a ring one day is worth the cost of a monthly allowance to some. 

According to Seeking Arrangement, a sugar baby is given on average $3,000 a month, and in bigger markets like New York, girls can command up to $4,000.

5. The money means nothing to them.
A first-year associate at a BigLaw firm can make $190,000 a year, and partners can make anywhere from $399,000 annually to up to almost $800,000 a year on average. CEOS of large corporations often have multi-million dollar yearly contracts, and doctors rake in six-figure incomes. 

There are numerous other jobs that pay these kinds of salaries, and for someone making that much dough, helping out a college student, recent graduate, or someone making a more modest income doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. In fact, the men I interviewed said that they felt good about helping women who needed it, and it actually made them feel even more high-status being a benefactor.

Exercise Can Help You Battle Depression

When I was a kid, I preferred to stay inside and read or watch TV. I remember disliking exercise so much that in a debate class I stupidly advocated to remove PE requirements at school, and now as an adult, I have done a 180 and finally see the beauty of living an active life.

Our health should be our number one priority, because without it, we don't have shit. You can be the richest person or the most beautiful person in the world, but if you aren't healthy, then you aren't happy.

Exercise not only makes you feel stronger and more energetic, but it can also battle depression. Buzzfeed News reported that a new study surveyed 1.2 million people and found that exercise can boost our moods.

"Overall, people reported having an average of 3.5 days of poor mental health in any given month, according to the report published in the Lancet Psychiatry," Buzzfeed said. "Just about any exercise — including walking or housework — helped reduce that number by an average of 1.5 days a month, or 43%. Team sports, cycling, and aerobic and gym exercises had the biggest effect, reducing poor mental health days by about 20%. Walking, on the other hand, was linked to a 10% reduction."

The people who benefited the most exercised 30-60 minutes/3-5 times a week. People who worked out more than an hour or less did not benefit as much as people who hit the golden amount of 45 minutes a session. 

"It's not like everyone has to go and run a marathon, and actually running wasn’t even the most effective," researcher Adam Chekroud said BuzzFeed News. "Things like yoga, things like walking, even household chores, seemed to have some benefit over doing nothing at all."

People who were clinically diagnosed with depression reported that exercise helped their mental health. Those who exercised reported about 7 days a month of not feeling good, compared to almost 11 days of sadness for those who weren't physically active. 

The study also found that group exercise was the most beneficial form of exercise to battle depression. Humans are social creatures, and even the shyest ones benefit from the energy of a friend; and humans also crave order. Thus, sports are the most useful activity at helping our mental health because they provide team camaraderie combined with structure. 

Does Anyone Remember the video: "Get out of my car"?

It has become a thing in American culture to record people with the intent to shame them online. In cases like Barbecue Becky and Pool Patrol Paula, the shaming is absolutely warranted and a tool to find awful people who would otherwise get away with bad behavior. But sometimes the shaming is not deserved, and the unnecessary violation of the subject's privacy becomes more of a reflection of the person behind the camera, not in front of it.

I stumbled across a viral video on Youtube called "Get out of my car!" It was released years ago, but I had never seen it until now.

In the video, an angry middle-aged white Uber driver repeatedly screams at his young female passenger to get out of his car. He had taken her to the hospital, and as he demands she gets out, she calmly stays there for at least three minutes and asks him dumb questions like "Where am I?" further provoking his rage.

As the driver yells, pretty much pleading for her to exit his property, she calmly tells him he has no right to yell at her. Then she asks him to take her to the emergency room or give her directions, as if he's 4-1-1. He tells her that he wants to call 9-1-1 to get her to leave, and she pushes him more, saying "Do it."

He never calls 9-1-1, and without seeing her face, you can hear the victory in her voice. She's loving this. 

The passenger finds this exchange humorous, and even though the man is yelling, she knows she has the power because she's upsetting him but he will never actually harm her.

Eventually, the Uber driver tells the passenger that she has been condescending throughout the trip, and he just wants her to get out. She claims that she needs to go to the ER for an emergency, but she clearly does not seem to be in any rush. As I watched each moment in this video, all I could think was WHY WON'T THIS BITCH GET OUT OF HIS CAR?!?!

The blow-up was insane to watch, but if the passenger was hoping to garner sympathy for what she instigated, then she was clearly wrong. Most people who watched the video could tell that this man was at the end of his rope and he had a squatter who seemed to enjoy his outbursts more than fear them.

When this video came out, the passenger received much-deserved backlash, but unfortunately the driver's account was suspended by Uber. I get that they didn't like how he talked to the woman, but it was apparent even from her one-sided attempt to smear him that there was a buildup before the camera started rolling.

I'm not a fan of yelling or violence in most occasions, but I also think that human beings sometimes have to escalate out of civility in order to protect themselves and their property. If this passenger had just gotten out of the car like he had asked, the driver never would've had to keep screaming.

This video was a gross reminder that there are people who pretend to be the victim, and to achieve this, they harm the reputations of those in their orbit by provoking them to their brinks. This practice is absolutely disgusting and sociopathic.

Because the wannabe victims have no remorse for their actions, it is better for people who encounter them to ignore them or run away. Unfortunately, this Uber driver didn't have that option, but luckily, he had a tape to exonerate him in the court of public opinion.

Tuesdays with T.Lo: Why "Casual Sex" Is Never Actually Casual

The Daily T.Lo Presents: Tuesdays with T.Lo (Season 1, Episode 2) Author and journalist T.Lo (Hustler Magazine, The Sugar Baby Club) discusses a theory from anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher that casual sex doesn’t exist because human beings release hormones during sex that create feelings of love and attachment.

Flight Attendants Admit They Sometimes Have Sex with Passengers

Some of us have fantasized about joining the mile-high club. But ticking off that move from our sexual bucket list is as elusive as winning the Powerball jackpot. Even if we get into the tiny space with a would-be lover, the smell of airport Cinnabon-induced dump and the bright blue toilet water is a true libido-killer.

And you’re probably never going to get into the bathroom with someone else anyway because the flight attendants are always lingering and watching. The reason being is that they know people want to have sex, and they know this because they boff in the sky too!

A 2016 study from British company Jetcost found that 21 percent of flight attendants have fucked a colleague while flying in the air, which explains why it takes so damn long to get your Ginger Ale and pretzels. Even crazier, 14 percent of flight attendants admitted to making whoopee with passengers. Either the people involved were just too damn sexy or someone on a flight was just really desperate for a free chicken salad sandwich.

Jetcost interviewed 718 flight attendants, and 89 percent of them admitted to breaking company rules. Flight attendants said this included more than just sexing. They told Jetcost that they’ve lied to passengers about the availability of duty free products, short-changed people, and accepted gifts and tips. So not only are some flight attendants horny, but they’re lazy and thieving. That’s good to know the next time your luggage mysteriously disappears.

Flight attendants said that they lied about not having duty-free products in stock solely because of laziness. Since the attendants don’t get a cut of sales, they just tell passengers there aren’t any products so they don’t have to schlep to the back of the plane to retrieve cigarettes, Jack Daniels, or whatever shit people buy while flying.

When it came to short-changing, the flight attendants admitted that they do it purposefully to pocket the extra money. They said they’d short passengers by either giving them change in a different currency or they relied on gullible passengers just not checking the cash they got back. After all, who’d suspect a smiling flight attendant who looks so dapper in that airline vest?

Jetcost said that on average tricky flight attendants kept about $419 a year. That could explain why a lot of American companies no longer allow cash exchanges when buying things. It’s all because of shifty workers who’d risk losing their jobs for the cost of a round-trip ticket from Kansas City to Dallas.

Lastly, flight attendants confessed that they accepted gifts and tips, which are strict company no-nos. While this broken rule doesn’t seem as bad as the others, it really makes you wonder—Who brings flight attendants gifts? And why? Is it because they want special treatment? Because if you’re flying first class, they’re going to kiss your ass for sure, and if you’re flying coach, the experience is so shitty that getting treated a little better is still not amounting to much. The only logical explanation in our dirty minds is that these generous passengers make up the lucky 14 percent that get dirty with the in-flight crew. Bow-chiga-wow-wow! Bring on those peanuts!